inSHAPE Overview
inSHAPE, the Ultimate Move to Earn app, is a lifestyle app on BSC ecosystem with a combination of GameFi elements.
inSHAPE uses blockchain technology to freely reward crypto enthusiasts who work out with its native SHAPE token.
Competition inSHAPE App
inSHAPE App is one step ahead of other competitors because:
Β· Besides rewarding steps and running, our App also offers specific SHAPE tokens rewards for other 4 different types of sports - tennis, basketball, football, and gym.
Β· Products and services outside the blockchain world available on the App's Marketplace can be bought exclusively with SHAPE tokens at absolutely special prices.
Β· The SHAPE tokens can also be used to buy a limited series of special NFTs, called inSHAPE Wild Cards. Due to these NFTs, holders can make up to thirty times more money for the same physical effort per day or per month.
Β· Our NFTs supply is limited at only one thousand five hundred NFTs per each type of sport. This significantly increases the SHAPE tokens' utility.
Β· Another advantage inSHAPE App is that our project is based on a single digital coin only, not two. The NFTs can only be purchased, minted and upgraded with SHAPE tokens. More, using only one crypto currency means that the tokens will be burned faster and this will increase SHAPE tokens' price even more.
Note: inSHAPE App is currently in the basic functional design stage, so contents in the Whitepaper could be changed in the future.
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